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🔬 Diamond is one of the allotropic forms of carbon and is the purest form of natural carbon. It is the hardest natural substance.

🔬 The death of persons in closed rooms with wood, coal or coke fires and in closed bathrooms with gas geyser is due to the formation of carbon monoxide.

🔬 Solid Carbon dioxide is known as dry ice.

🔬 Ammonia is used in manufacturing fertilizers and explosives etc.

🔬 ozone layer bleaching action is due to its oxidizing action.

🔬 Phosphorus is an essential constituent of bones, teeth, blood and nerve tissues. Bone ash contains about 80% of phosphorus.

🔬 Sulphuric acid is also known as oil of vitriol or king of chemicals.

🔬 Halogens have highest electron affinity so they act as strong oxidizing agent.

🔬 In atmosphere, argon is most abundant noble gas but in universe, helium is most abundant gas.

🔬 The mixture of helium and oxygen is used for artificial breathing of asthama patients.

🔬 Xe is also known as stranger gas and Xe-Kr is used in high intensity photographic flash tubes.

🔬 Radon is used in the preparation of ointment for the treatment of cancer.

🔬 Baking soda & Washing soda both manufactured by Solvey’s process.

🔬 Chemically, washing soda is sodium carbonate decahydrate.

🔬 Chemically, Bleaching powder is calcium oxychloride.


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